DONGBANG Calendar

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      Consultation time 09 am ~ 06 pm


        1 An introduction to Aesthetics
        2 Topics of Aesthetics in korea
        3 A Study of administration art
        4 Reading with comments of classics
        5 A Study of classics culture
        6 Topics of Aesthetics in Oriental
        7 Topics of Aesthetics and Art
        8 A Creation of aesthetic anthropologyⅡ CalligraphyⅡ
        9 A Study of the Education classics in Asia
        10 A Study of the Intellectual Welfare in Asia
        11 A Study on Buddhist &Arts
        12 Reading with comments of Chinese Poetry


        1 Calligraphey Biographies of The Saints of All Sects
        2 History of Calligraphy Aesthetics
        3 A Study of Calligraphy Artist
        4 History of Korea Calligraphy
        5 History of Korea CalligraphyⅡ
        6 History of Chinese Calligraphy
        7 A Study of Calligraphy theory
        8 Appreciate of Calligraphy
        9 Pedagogics of Calligraphy
        10 A Study of Lishu Pratical
        11 A Study of Calligraphy Aesthetics


        1 Theory of Oriental Painting sentiments and criticism
        2 The Orient Spirit & Humanities
        3 Topics in Contemporary Aesthetics
        4 Theory of Chinese Aesthetics
        5 Theory of Yijing
        6 Topics in History of Chinese Painting
        7 Topics of Modern Art & Contemporary Art
        8 Chinese Art Mind
        9 Topics in History of Chinese Aesthetics
        10 Symbol & Impression
        11 Western painting sentiments and criticism
        12 Topics of The West Art history


        1 Principles of Aeshetics and Art Therapy
        2 Introduction to Art Therapy
        3 A Study of Art Therapy Media
        4 Psychological Dignosis Test by Drawings
        5 Color Psychology
        6 Couple and family Art Therapy
        7 Topics of Modern Art & Contemporary Art
        8 Clinical Art Therapy
        9 Advanced Counseling Theories and Art Therapy
        10 Psychological Tests and Diagnosis


        1 Traditional Pattern Design Study
        2 Typography Design Study
        3 Lacquer & Design Study
        4 Healing Design Study
        5 Traditional Contents Convergence Design
        6 Traditional Contents Convergence Design
        7 Advanced Chromatics
        8 Social Meaning of Design
        9 Design Geometry
        10 Contemporary Design Issue


        1 Multimedia Study of Cultural Information
        2 A Study of Data Structure
        3 = A Study of Culture Information Search
        4 A Study of Contents File structure
        5 A Study of data model method
        6 Expert System of Fusion Contents
        7 Case studies of foreign cultural content security
        8 A Study of Cultural Content Planning


        1 Seminar on Early Childhood Curriculum
        2 Educational Psychology for Preschool Children
        3 Guidance and Safety Care for Preschool Children
        4 Play and Early Childhood Education
        5 Language and Cognitive Development of Preschool Children
        6 Social and Emotional Development of Preschool Children
        7 Child Counseling and Psychotherapy
        8 Parent Education and Parent Consultation
        9 Child Observation and Behavior Assessment
        10 Research Methodology and Statistics
        11 Parent Education and Parent Consultation
        12 Management and Administration in Early Childhood Education


        1 Special Research On Major
        2 Presentation Technique
        3 Adult Learning and Instruction
        4 Theories of Human Relation
        5 Theories of Human Motivation
        6 Methods in Human Resource Development
        7 Theories of Human Development
        8 Seminar on Career & Vocational Education
        9 Operating System
        10 Project Management and Auditing Technology
        11 Emotional Design
        12 Career & Foundation on Education
        13 A Study of data model method
        14 Topics on Advanced Database
        15 International HRD Case Study