DONGBANG Calendar

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      Consultation time 09 am ~ 06 pm

        1 Studies of Buddhist Ceremony
        2 Studies of Buddhist Ceremony
        3 Studies of Buddhist Service and Contrition
        4 불교음악무용연구
        5 Studies of Buddhist Ritual Dignity
        6 Studies of Buddhist Ordination
        7 Studies of Buddhist Ancestral Rites
        8 Studies of Request Rites with Three Jewels
        9 Intensive Study of Buddhist Funeral Rites
        10 Literary Therapy and Counseling
        11 Topics on East-West Buddhist Literature
        12 Topics on Ecology and Buddhist Literature
        13 The history of India Buddhism
        14 The study on the Agama
        15 The study on Indian Thought
        16 A Study on Buddhist Sociology
        17 Yogacara Psychotherapy
        18 Introduction to Mahayana Buddhist Psychology
        19 Understanding Seon Poetry
        20 Seminar on Buddhist Literature and Meditation
        21 Studies of Buddhist Narratives
        22 Study on Tea Meditation Poetry
        23 Study on Tales of Temple Foundation
        24 Studies of Request Rites with Three Jewels
        25 The study on Buddhist Ethics
        26 The study on Pure-land Thoughtra Thought
        27 The study on Tathagata-garbha Thought
        28 The study on Vijnaptimatra Thought
        29 The study on China Buddhism
        30 A Study on Buddhist Thought in Three States
        31 A Study on Buddhist Thought in Goryeo Dynasty
        32 The history of thought in Early Buddhism
        33 A Study on Thought of Buddha-Nature
        34 The study on the Wongak- Sutra
        35 A Study on Zen-Buddhist Thought in the Early-China
        36 The study on the Zen Literature
        37 The study on the Nungumgyong Sutra
        38 A Study on Seon Thought
        39 A Study on Zen-Buddhist Thought in the Middle-China
        40 East-West Meditation-Group Therapy
        41 Personality Theory and Buddhist Counseling
        42 Introduction to Psychology of Early Buddhism
        43 Spiritual Intelligence and Meditation Psychotherapy
        44 Meditation and Communication Theory
        45 Counseling Ethics in Buddhist Counseling
        46 Transpersonal Psychology
        47 Case Study of Buddhist Counseling
        48 Practice of East-West Meditation Therapy
        49 Seon-Practice and Psychotherapy
        50 특수분야 명상상담
        (자살, 청소년, 노인, 이혼, 알콜, 약물중독 등)
        51 Theory and Practice of East-West Psychological Measurement
        52 East-West Meditation Psychotherapy
        53 Practice of East-West Meditation Counseling
        54 Buddhism and Life Cycle Rite
        55 Buddhism and Seasonal Custom
        56 Buddhist Intangible Cultural Assets and Culture Contents
        57 Buddhism and Rites of Death
        58 Statistical Study
        59 Studies of Buddhist Offering Ceremony
        60 Reading in Pompae
        61 Studies of Literature and Psychology
        62 만해학(万海学)
        63 근대개화기의불교사상특강(近代繁荣期佛教思想讲座)
        64 근대불교문화사특강(近代佛教文化史讲座)
        65 근대불교시문학론특강 (近代佛教诗文学论讲座)
        66 근대불교인물론특강(近代佛教人物论讲座)
        67 원효의화쟁사상태동과현대사회융합특강(元晓和争思想萌动与现代社会融合讲座)