DONGBANG Calendar

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      Consultation time 09 am ~ 06 pm

        1 Reading in Pompae
        2 Intensive Study of Jeoman Rites
        3 Korean Folktales and Cultural Heritage Survey I
        4 Seminar on East-Asia Kwaneum Folk Tales
        5 Study on Seon Poetry of Koryeo Period)
        6 Seminar on Literature and Forest
        7 The study on the Avatamsaka Sutra
        8 The study on Esoteric Buddhism
        9 The study on the Awakening faith
        10 The study on the Saddharmapundarika Sutra
        11 A Study on Thought of Sanlun(三論) in China
        12 A Study on Buddhist Thought in Joseon Dynasty
        13 The study on the vimalakirti - Sutra
        14 The study on Madhyamika Thought
        15 Psychology of Awakening