Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Introduction of Dept.

This page introduces the department that produces many specialists and scholars in the field.

  • Culture and Arts Contents

    Culture and Arts Contents

    Based on tradition, we can present a new direction of
    modern culture and art We aim to cultivate individual
    and creative professionals.

  • Buddhist Culture and Arts

    Buddhist Culture and Arts

    The Department of Buddhist Art and Culture understands this
    history and philosophy. It will be studied Buddhist culture
    and art in full bloomand contribute to the information age.

  • Naturopathy


    It can be said that studying naturopathy is a systematic study of
    various theories of natural healing and various realities.
    We aim to cultivate experts who lead the field of natural healing.

  • Future Forecast Studies

    Future Forecast Studies

    Through scientific and systematic research on the classics and
    prehistory of the Orient, we will create wisdom that can be utilized
    in an uncertain future.

Campus Information

The best specialized researchers in traditional culture. Introducing the campus of DBCU.