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        Our University aim to implement
        the founding philosophy that contributes
        to the nation and human society by
        nurturing professional manpower.
        In order to realize the educational goals according to the
        founding philosophy, we are carrying out the following innovations.

        Since the opening of our school in 2005, our school has been united, united, and overcome many difficulties and has produced many experts and scholars in this field. In recent years, the school has been upgraded to a pleasant educational environment through the establishment and expansion of school buildings in preparation for the evaluation by the Ministry of Education.

        The quality of education has been improved through the revision of the school regulations and the teaching of high quality lectures and systematic dissertation.

        First, the school system has been revised to reflect the rapidly changing needs of the society, maximizing the qualitative growth of education through objective and impartial evaluation of professors and employees as well as securing excellent faculty members.

        Second, the level of graduate school lies in improving the quality of professors' lectures, research skills, and dissertations. Therefore, transparency and fairness are ensured by precisely systematizing the guidance and review process of the thesis.

        Third, to improve the educational environment and conditions, pleasant educational facilities were established through the remodeling of the main building and the annex of the industry and university cooperation team. The lifelong education center site was expanded and a new building was built to activate the lifelong education center and credit banking system(Oriental painting, Western painting, Buddhism).

        Fourth, in order to revitalize industry-university cooperation, a system which maximizes research ability and orders of external research expenses and returns research results to society will be set up by centering on various research institutes under industry-academia cooperation.

        Fifth, various qualification processes have been maximizing and newly establishing in order to export high-quality experts to society. It will contribute to the development of the national society.

        Going forward, Dongbang Culture University will grow into a prestigious graduate school through the 2021 mid to long-term development plan. Thank you.

        Doctor of Culture and Information and
        the Chief Director of Dongbang Culture University

        Dr. Ko, Gwang-Yong