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        Dongbang Culture University is
        an educational/research institute,
        specializing in oriental culture
        Educational/research institute, specializing in oriental culture and
        pursuing the succession and development of traditional culture.

        We sincerely welcome all of you to Dongbang Culture Graduate University.

        Our university was established in 2005 with the idea of contributing to national and human society by cultivating professional talents who have mastered the profound theories and application methods of Oriental traditional culture. The goal is to modernize the systemized theory that has been systematized through the traditional culture so that it can be practiced in the world.

        In order to achieve this goal, we are developing a master's course, a combined master's and doctoral course, and a doctoral course into a specialized and specialized graduate school.

        Major departments include Culture and Arts Contents, Buddhist Culture and Arts, Naturopathy, and Future Forecast Studies. In addition, there is a contract department for the promotion of industrial education.

        In detail, there are courses such as calligraphy, oriental painting, design, cultural management, education, social welfare, Buddhist literature, natural healing, I Ching·Ming-Li, Physiognomy, Feng-Shui, Eastern Philosophy.

        We are confident that these faculties and majors have led to the teaching and research of top faculty and have produced many experts and scholars to date. In addition, various lectures are being set up to promote lifelong education and to meet social interest and demand as much as possible. Therefore, it will be glad in your continuous love, interest, and active participation in our university so that our culture and arts can flourish.

        I will do my best to develop our school as a professional education and research institute, and to make creative research for you.

        Thank you.

        Dongbang Culture Graduate University

        President Lee, Young-chul