DONGBANG Calendar

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      Consultation time 09 am ~ 06 pm

        Founding Ideology

        To contribute to the nation and mankind through teaching & researching profound theories
        and applicable methods of our culture, and to train professional manpower
        who lead a creative and practical research and development.

        Goals of Education
        To train top professional research manpowers in specific fields in order to promote
        traditional culture into global culture by modernizing & studying.
        • 01

          Differentiation ·
          Characterization ·
          Specialized education

        • 02

          Practical professional
          research with personnel training

        • 03

          The establishment of
          a virtuous cycle structure
          of study and education

        • 04

          The revitalization
          of lifelong education

        Managerial Objective
        Graduate School of Oriental Culture has the following management goals.
        • Managerial Objective 01

          The development of a specialized
          university of the highest quality

        • Managerial Objective 02

          The empowerment of our
          professors’ research

        • Managerial Objective 03

          The maximization of personnel
          creativity and services

        • Managerial Objective 04

          The maximization of cooperation
          between industry and university