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      Consultation time 09 am ~ 06 pm

        Academic background

        연도별 총장 약력
        1972.02. Graduated from Kyungnam High School
        1978. 02. Graduated from the Dep. Of Psychology of Seoul National University
        1982. 02. Graduated from the Graduate School of Public Administration, Pusan National University (Master of Public Administration)
        1983 ~ 1986 Graduated from the Graduate School of Education, University of Massachusetts (Amherst) (Master of Pedagogy)
        2009. 06. Honorary doctor of Mongol National educational University


        연도별 총장 주요경력
        1978 Passed the 22nd Public Administration Examination
        1989 Education Officer of the Presidential Secretariat
        1991 Edit section chief of the Ministry of Education
        1992 Education Officer in the UNESCO Representative
        1996 - Section chief of the International Training and Cooperation in the Ministry of Education
        - Section chief of the Education Information and Project in the Ministry of Education
        1997 Vice-superintendent of education in Daegu metropolitan city
        2000 Official of International Training and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education
        2001 Vsiting professor of Myongji University
        2002 - Director General for the Teachers’ Policy of the Ministry of Education
        - Vice-superintendent of education of Gyeonggi Province
        2004 General manager for the International Education Informationization of the Ministry of Education
        2005 General Manager for the Local Education Support Bureau of the Ministry of Education
        2006 Deputy Secretary General for the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Education
        2007 Vice-superintendent of education of Seoul metropolitan city
        1997 ~ 2000 President of the Korean Society for the Policy of Education
        2004 EBS consultant of the advisory committee for the CSAT programs by EBS
        2004 ~ 2010 Director of the Korean Society for Business Education
        2008 ~ 2012 President of Dong-U College
        2012 ~ 2014 Principal of Hanyoung Foreign Language High School
        2010 ~ Director of Daegyo Cultural Foundation
        2010 ~ 2012 Director of the Korean Council for College Education
        2011 ~ Director of Korean Society of Higher Education Policy
        2012 ~ Chair-professor of the Graduate school of education of Sejong University
        2013 ~ Director of the Sejong Institute
        2015 ~ - Advisor of The Federation of Korean Tea Masters Society
        - President of Dongbang Culture university
        2017 ~ Member of EBS Management Evaluative

        Prizes and Decorations

        연도별 총장 상훈
        1988. 12. Presidential citation
        2004. 12. Red Stripes Order of Service Merit